content creation

Social Advertising

Smart targeting to get your ads to the right audience and the best bang for your buck. Ever seen an ad appear on your Facebook feed that is completely irrelevant to you? Annoying isn’t it. So Unusual spend quality time creating ads for the right audience .



Monitor & Measure Your Campaigns & Social Profiles

Moment by moment monitoring of your campaigns. Ensuring you get the BEST return on investment. Capitalising on the demographics that are engaging with you, and steering clear of those that don’t.

content creation

Content Creation

So Unusual create attention grabbing social media content that engages fans around your brand and products.


Social Media Promotions

Creative, engaging and interesting promotions to make your small business stand out and demand attention!

Turn new customers into fans. Turn existing customers into advocates.


Engaging Influencers

There is no better advertising than a great Google or Facebook review. Everything we do is designed to capture great reviews for you.

It’s vital to review real-time consumer conversations. So Unusual monitor (in real time) conversations, likes, and comments on your social pages, so you as a small business owner don’t get bogged down in the detail. Leave the detail to us.

Your followers want to know that you LISTEN. We ensure that happens, and share insights with you each week. These insights can help you with informed decisions on everything from marketing campaigns to the products that your audience are asking for. Ensuring you offer the greatest customer experience.


Social Media Strategy & Marketing Plans

So Unusual create simple, clear plans. You need a clear marketing direction and don’t have time to do it yourself. That’s where we come in. Putting into words what’s in your head and heart from a Digital marketing perspective.